IT Helpdesk

Regardless of the support model chosen, russoIT has a flexible array if options for the method of requesting and managing IT assistance.


Send an email to provide as much detail as possible regarding the problem. We will usually respond with two hours.


Call 1300 552 937 to register your problem. We will assist immediately if resource allow.

Helpdesk Portal

You company will be provided with a login to our solarwinds msp Helpdesk portal, where you can create a ticket. Thereafter, when action is commenced to provide assistance the portal is used to solicit more information, request remote access and keep you informed of remediation progress. The portal also provides email advice of resolution.

Options for Providing Assistance

Regardless of the option used to log the request for assistance, russoIT has multiple options for the provision of help. The choice depends on your needs and or the the most efficient option.

Phone Assistance

Call us on 1300 552 937 and well get all the details of the problem and create a ticket in our Helpdesk system, and then provide assistance immediately or make a time to do so depending on your schedule or our immediate work load

Remote Desktop

This is remote access to your PC using a the built in feature of Windows. Effectively, your are logged out and we take over your PC. We then call you to provide an update on our efforts and you can then take over your PC to continue your normal work. 


This is remote access where you are requested to accept our control of your PC. During the remote assistance session you can see everything we are doing.

msp RMM

This is similar to TeamViewer, but uses a different "take control" program available in our MSP Remote Monitoring and Management portal.