Our Vision

To create an environment in the workplace where using technology stimulates innovative change due to beneficial outcomes achieved in a non threatening and predictable manner, enhancing everyone's work life balance.

Our Objective

The main objective of the company has always been to assist organisations in achieving the most productive and efficient use of their IT investment. We strive to provide extremely high quality service in all areas of IT and will continue to grow to meet the demands of its client base.

Principal: Ron Russo

Ron graduated from IT tertiary studies in 1972. From 1981 to 1985 Ron was the Data Processing manager of T.O'Connor and Sons, one of the largest engineering companies in SA at the time. He went on to start russoIT in 1985. For 20 years Ron and his team provided extensive on-site consultancy and support services to the Adelaide Convention Centre, and he has retained a number of clients for over twenty years.

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